Kambu Dosai (Pearl millet/Bajra dosa)

A healthy breakfast which you can have it without any guilt is this Kambu dosai. This millet is my favourite among all the other millets. Kambu itself gives a nice aroma and taste to any dish in which it is added. Like any other millets, this is also rich in fibre and low in carbohydrates….

Aval Pudding (Poha pudding)

Aval/Poha also known as flattened rice or beaten rice is an easy to cook and easily digestible food. It is often eaten for breakfast or as an evening snack. Aval can be made as a sweet or savoury. Aval pudding is a simple sweet breakfast or an evening snack which can be prepared in minutes….

Solam dosai (Sorghum dosa)

Solam dosai is a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Simple kara chutney as a side dish is more than enough for this dosa. Sorghum/solam/jowar is a grain which is rich in fibre and helps in digestion. We can make paniyaram (pan fried cakes), solam soru or kali or mudde (sorghum rice balls or dumblings) and many…

Red Poha Chat (Sigappu Avul Chat)

Red Poha chat is an evening snack or it can be served as a breakfast also. It is a healthy dish which is rich in iron. Usually we eat poha with just milk and sugar or jaggery. This savoury version of poha, I heard from my Telugu friends. It’s a meal by itself or it…

Adai dosai

Adai dosai is a South Indian breakfast, particularly in Tamilnadu and Kerala. It’s a mix of lentils and rice and hence it is a healthy dish which is rich in protein. There are some variations in the ingredients based on the region and taste preference. And this particular recipe I learned from my MIL. Adai…