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Curry masala powder or curry powder is a mix of Indian spices blend together in a mixer grinder or in a mill if preparing in larger quantity. In Tamilnadu, this is widely mentioned as Mutton masala or Chicken masala powder. This is slightly varied from Garam masala powder, which we generally use it for making Biryani and most of the North Indian curries.

Curry masala powder can be used for making both veg and non veg gravies, dry curries and even for fries. This curry powder will be a time saviour and tastes great which is no lesser than freshly grounded spices. And here is the recipe for Curry Masala Powder.

Curry Masala Powder

  • Recipe Cuisine: Indian
  • Recipe Category: Spice powder
  • Preparation Time: 1 or 2 days
  • Cooking time: 20 mins
  • Processing Time : 15 mins
  • Yields: 0-9


                ITEM                 QUANTITY
Coriander seeds 1 kg
Red chilli ¼ kg
Cumin seeds ¼ kg
Pepper corns 100 gms
Fennel seeds 100 gms
Cinnamon sticks 75 gms
Cloves 50 gms
Cardamom 25 gms
Poppy seeds 100 gms
Turmeric or Turmeric powder 4 tbsp
Curry leaves 1 cup


1. Sun dry all the ingredients separately in a wide plate for a day or two.

2. Dry roast them one by one till a nice aroma comes.

3. Cool down and grind everything together in a mill or in a mixer to a fine powder. Sieve if required.

4. Immediately after grinding, spread in a wide cloth or plate for a while.

5. Store it in an air tight container and use when required.

Curry Masala Powder 2 a


* Try to keep it under hot sun at least for a day.

* Dry roasting the ingredients is optional. But it gives a bright colour and nice flavour and also it increases the shelf life.

* If you are grinding in mixer, you may need to sieve it to get a fine powder.

* Spreading the powder after grinding is to reduce the heat produced during grinding and helps to avoid the lump formation after storing.

* Do not touch the powder with wet hands. It will reduce the shelf life of the powder.

* Store bulk in a large container and less in a small container for regular use. You can restore it once in a while when required.

* It is good to store in a glass jar or stainless steel rather than storing it in a plastic container.

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